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BEGA Community Involvement

Broward Ebony Golf Association is helping to make strives towards the cure for breast cancer by bringing awareness to this silent disease.  So many of our ladies have won their fight against breast cancer however there are many more on the battle field. Because cancer affects all of us, our goal is to inform and educate our community about breast cancer. 

Breast Cancer Awareness in African American Women:


  1. African American women with breast cancer are 67 percent more likely to die  from the disease.

  2. Cultural and social economic factors might mean African Americans women have less access to screening, early detection, and treatment of breast cancer.

  3. African American women are more likely to miss health care appointments after diagnosis and suffer from more obesity, which has been linked to diagnosis at a later stage and poorer outcomes.

  4. African American women are more likely to be diagnosed with estrogen and progesterone receptor-negative tumors with contribute to a poorer prognosis.

  5. Other forms of breast cancer associated with poor prognosis, such as inflammatory carcinoma, are also more common among African American women.


Breast cancer is every one's business.  (Play to Win, Fight to Live and Pray to Stay)

Broward Ebony Golf Association, Inc. exist to give back to families,  communities and small business' that are in need throughout the year.  We believe we can touch lives by participating in special events and generously giving as we have received from our sponsors, faithful donor's and members of our organization. 

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