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Sunshine State Amatuer Golfers Association

The SSAGA was founded in 1972 and is a statewide African-American golf association comprised of both male and female golfers throughout the United States.  It now governs thirteen clubs and involves over 1,000 golfers. The SSAGA contributes more than $800,000 annually to Florida’s economy through the hosting of local and state tournaments and other golf related activities.

After joining the SSAGA, Broward Ebony Golf Association membership increased to 40 amateur golfers, both male and female, with such golfers from Canada, Detroit, Washington, Atlanta, Chicago and other parts of the country; thus becoming the strongest club in the SSAGA with 3 to 5 members that are SSAGA officers.

Presently Broward Ebony Golf Association is one of the largest and organized African American amateur golf associations within the United States of America with 60 active members. We have strengthened our club membership by warmly welcoming members from all cultures, races and sexes.  Club membership includes the ability to travel to over 100 different golf courses in the state of Florida over the past 10 years. Our golf club continues to mature by also recognizing and honoring any potential and/or active member over the age of 80 by providing free membership within our club. 
Broward Ebony Golf Association Inc.  offers students future-shaping golf scholarships through local golf fundraising tournaments and events. We remain very active in our community and work closely with several organizations to raise funds to support college-aged students who have the drive for success.

At Broward Ebony Golf Association Inc., we raise funds for students who are seeking to pursue careers in golf or successful careers in general. We award three scholarships each year to prospective college students to help them on their career path. Broward Ebony Golf Association, Inc., host golf fundraising events all throughout the year to fund golf scholarships that are awarded to college-aged golfers who have the drive for success. Dust off your clubs and come join us as we travel the state, building friendships and brightening futures everywhere we go. Just like our motto says, This Is What We Do.

Applying for Scholarships
In order to receive a scholarship, interested applicants must submit a Scholarship Application. Once received, the Scholarship Application is reviewed by a committee to determine the eligibility the all prospective candidates. 

Broward Ebony Golf Assocation, Inc. award three scholarships of $1,000  to the students we have selected each year.

Please make a tax deductible donation of $10 - $20 - $50 or $100 to help the kids!

2019 Scholarship Application

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